It sure is a pity, she said,
Rising naked from the bed,
But I don’t speak German,
So I’d feel like a merman,
Drowning in the air.
It wouldn’t be fair,
If I had to leave all behind,
Clear them off of my mind,
Had another language to learn,
Foreign money to earn.
I wouldn’t know anyone,
Would be lone if you’re gone.
How long would it last?
It could be over so fast.
So move without me,
From now on you’re free.
Our love will be dead,
No light, shadow nor bread.
It will be easy for you,
I slept with your brother Stu.


Gastbeitrag: Defragmentation

Lying on the floor
In fragments
Shattered spaces
Scattered spaces
Red fields
And green
And gray
And walls of blue
Defragment me
Unite my spaces
I will lie and wait
nothing can be done
Too much capacity
Or not enough
Libera me
Defragment me


Dieser Gastbeitrag stammt von der wunderbaren Evanesca Feuerblut. Alle Rechte daran liegen bei ihr. Einige wissen vielleicht, dass Evanesca meine Partnerin auf der Weltenschmiede ist – sie ist aber auch eine sehr talentierte Autorin, die es jüngst in einige Anthologien geschafft hat.

(Hinweis: Es handelt sich hierbei um einen Gastbeitrag. Alle Rechte am obigen Text liegen allein bei der Autorin Evanesca Feuerblut!)

Late Night

The bell of a church nearby rang three times. The living room lay dark and quite. Dazzled, she rose a hand up to cover her eyes as the headlights of a bypassing car flooded the room with light for a second and painted shadows on the wall, before it went dark again. Slowly and carefully she moved, heading for the stair at the end of the room leading up to her room. Sometimes she stopped to listen. Everything was quiet. Slowly, she went up the stairs, step by step. Suddenly, the stair creaked. She paused. Listened. Her heart was beating. Light flashed on.
“You’re grounded for two months!”